Always having to remember this...and that

Regarding the Mudita Pure…its purpose is to make us less attentive to our devices, and more attentive to life and our senses. Would you consider making a version of your Pure phone for people that are REALLY committed to this?

This is what I mean… instead of simply having the mode button on the side to turn on do not disturb mode, or ‘download texts/connect to network every 30 minutes mode’…why not make a phone where the DEFAULT mode would be that it is OFF, only connecting to the network every 15 or 30 (what the user selects)? This DEFAULT should also include turning off bluetooth. In fact, it would be better if this version of the phone didn’t have a bluetooth antenna at all. I take mine out of my iphone.
The reason?
Having to always ‘remember to check’ if the cell phone is in airplane mode is really a detractor from enjoying life.
However, it is really important to me to not have EMFs in the house, especially if pregnant and with small children.


@Felicia_Hobert You’ll be happy to know that you CAN set your phone to be on Do Not Disturb as a default setting. There is a slider on the side of the Pure that makes this possible. It’s a physical switch & not just a mode in the software :slight_smile: This way- if you set it like this, that will be YOUR DEFAULT setting until you physically adjust the slider up or down. Also, if you just want to be connected at set intervals, that’s also possible. There is a “connection frequency” setting in the phone, which enables you to set how often you would like your phone to connect to the network. There is even an option for NEVER :slight_smile: However, if once every 30min is OK, you can choose that. If you like longer intervals, there’s also a 60min option. Hopefully this helps.


tHank you - I am aware of those GREAT options — i was actually trying to say that it would be great to have it be a default to connect every [choose interval] as a MODE in the software in addition to the physical button. I’m so glad you guys put these features in here. MY one question is - when it connects at [ choose interval], how long does it stay connected before disconnecting?


@Felicia_Hobert I’ll find out the exact duration- however, it’s enough time to connect & retrieve your messages/calls. Then, the phone disconnects again & will connect afer the specific time has passed. I really like that feature because it allows me to stay connected, but not constantly :slight_smile:

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