Alarm does not work anymore

Have been so glad waking up with Mudita for some months now. But suddenly the alarm does not work anymore. The clock works though.
It has been working for months, but then this friday morning both the Mudita alarm clocks we have in the house, did not sound the alarm.
I have charged it and still there is no light, no alarm and no access to the menu.
Have tried to reset to factory settings, but nothing happens when I press both the buttons for 5 seconds+.
Hope someone can help.

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It seems like the battery might be empty, you should try and charge both for a few hours. I had the same “problem” with my Harmony caused by incompatible chargers. Now it works like a charm.

You should make sure that the chargers you use have the specs as mentioned in the Manuel.

If they still don’t charge as it happened to me, the charger might not be compatible although the specs are the same. You should get the official charger then.


@heidie Thanks for reaching out. As @denis_b pointed out, the alarm clocks charge best when used with a 5V charger. Are you using a 5V charger? Not all chargers are 5V. This is how you can tell:


Hey - sorry I am late in logging on the forum. I got some help on email.
Thank you for the charger spec. I did not know that. I think both my Bells ran totally out of power. I was expecting some kind of warning that the power was running low and thought I read that in the manual.

Is there no warning when it is time to charge? If not, how long time can the Bell approx hold power?


@heidie Yes, there is a sound warning.
Mudita Bell should have sound warnings as to the battery level.
When the battery level is at less than 5%, a low battery level warning will be activated. Any interaction with the alarm clock
will trigger the lights to flash and a low battery level warning to sound.
Did you experience any of this?
It’s outlined in the user guide:

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