Accessibility for Deaf community

Mudita need to consider about Deaf community. What about video recording messages? Very similar to “Glide”.
Glide is an instant video messaging platform for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. The app enables a user to live stream broadcast brief video clips, in a similar way as sending text messages. Glide communicates through Wifi, 3G, 4G & LTE. Users have the ability to send private videos up to 5 minutes to a desired list of contacts. Recipients have the freedom to watch and respond to the video instantly or later. All messages can be watched anytime
I think this will be a great tool for Deaf community if they prefer offline style rather than FaceTime video call.


Hi @Deaf_Gym, .At this time, the Mudita Pure does not have a video player or an internet browser. I will relay your message to the R&D team.

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