3D printed case for Mudita Pure


Thanks for creating such brilliant product. Can’t wait for the release.

Untill the release - I’m thinking about creating 3D printed case (based on wooden filament) for Mudita Pure - is there any way to get 2D or even 3D project of main enclosure?

The idea is to create and release Mudita Pure case as Open Source project on Thingiverse.



I heard mudita will sell cases for the device but your 3d printed idea sounds out like a good option too always good to have choices.

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I know you said wooden filament but I think it would be nice to have design work well with PLA. I love this idea because it goes hand in hand with sustainability.

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@mkasprzyk Thanks for posting! Let me ask my team if this is something we can do.
EDIT, I’m waiting to talk to our mechanical design engineers because I would need PURE outline dimensions to answer your question. Currently they are all taking part in the final NPI (The last step before mass production) outside of the office, so they are a bit busy.

Please share an image once you’ve created a 3d case. That’d be interesting to see!

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