23 euros for postage to the UK?!

Can someone comment on the 23 euro shipping charge to the UK? It seems really expensive, on top of the fairly high price for the handset itself. This, alongside call recording, which I have commented on separately, are stopping me from ordering at the moment.

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Hi @jamesh!

It is correct. Shipping to the UK from Poland is 23 Euro. This is the lowest available price we have negotiated among all courier companies.
Please remember that when you have a free or less than 10 Euro delivery, it does not mean that the shipment is so cheap. Companies often add and hide additional shipping costs in the product price itself.
Mudita does not practice such solutions. We do not hide additional costs in the price of Mudita Pure, just to be able to communicate that the shipping price is only for example 5 Euro or less.

I hope that helps.
Have a good day,


Picking up the handset in Poland would cost quite a bit more if you were to go in person. Having spent some time in the UK, I believe that you guys are quite spoiled by Royal Mail. :slight_smile: I really enjoyed it while there. Come to Canada and see how much we pay if you think €23 is too much; no wonder the Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn’t stay in Canada.


It was $25 to ship to the USA and I didn’t seem to mind.